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We’re here for you… Creative planning to fit your family’s needs

Online Arrangements   -   6 Convenient Locations   -   Complimentary Online Obituaries

We specialize in LOW COST cremation, burial, funerals and memorials, with online arrangements and six locations to serve the entire Portland and Salem areas, including all surrounding communities.  If you prefer to make arrangements without traveling, online arrangements through our online family planner provide easy steps at your convenience.

Dignity, Respect and Compassion

​At Crown these things come from our hearts. That's why you'll notice our friendly and cheerful, no-pressure approach to helping you plan a fitting tribute.  We are family-focused, and offer many personalized memorials to identify with someone's unique character.  Funeral planning, cremation and burial arrangements can be made at considerably lower prices than a traditional funeral home.

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"Dedicated to placing the needs of your family first, by providing a caring, reliable and economical resource for creatively honoring a loved one, while respecting traditions, old and new" 

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Where Do I Begin? Request an Arrangement Guide

​A great place to start making arrangements for burial, cremation, funerals and memorials is to request our Arrangement Guide, "Where Do I Begin?" Our Arrangement Guide will walk you through the planning process with step-by-step instructions and it will provide you with a wealth of detailed information that every family should know.

Much of the information provided relates to planning at the time a death occurs and some information is related to pre-planning (pre-arrangements) or planning ahead. We can help you make informed decisions about choosing a funeral service provider, a cremation center, or cemetery.

The first section of our guide is dedicated to Step By Step Arrangements which cover information about the following topics:

  • Disposition of remains such as burial, cremation (including cemetery placement, niche placement and scattering ashes), mausoleum entombment (casket placement in a mausoleum crypt) and Whole Body Donation (body donation and cremation).
  • Planning a tribute including simple cremation only with no services, memorial gatherings, celebration of life services, memorial services, funeral services, church funerals, graveside services and witnessed placement cremation or burial.
  • Embalming, including examples of how to decide about when embalming is necessary and Oregon's laws about embalming.
  • Choosing a funeral service provider such as a traditional funeral home, funeral chapel or mortuary and non-traditional providers such as cremation services (including simple cremation, direct cremation, the cremation process, crematories, and crematoriums, which some people accidentally miss-spell as simple cremation, direct cremation, the cremation process, crematories and crematoriums), burial services (including simple burial and immediate burial).
  • Personalizing the experience including home funerals, special music, video tributes, memorial folders, memorial contributions and custom obituaries.

Our guide also includes our General Price List. We offer low cost cremation and low cost burial services. We offer FREE CREMATION though Educational Body Donation.  We also offer low cost funerals and low cost memorial services. Our caskets, cremation urns, cremation jewelry, monuments and grave markers are all offered at affordable, discounted prices.

Several pages of the guide are dedicated to helping you with Important Details & Contacts such as death certificates, social security, veteran’s benefits (veteran funerals), Banking, funeral insurance, Oregon DMV, union benefits, Oregon Department of Revenue, Internal Revenue Service, Public Employers Retirement Service (PERS), Railroad Retirement, Lawyer Referral Service and information about Oregon law (including licensing by the Oregon State Mortuary and Cemetery Board and compliance with the Federal Trade Commission).

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