Graveside Funeral      $2,570

Included in this package:

Basic Services and Overhead
Securing Necessary Permits and Authorizations
Removal of Remains from Place of Death
Care of Remains until Burial is completed (three days of refrigeration is included)
Washing and Disinfecting un-embalmed remains
Equipment and Staff for Graveside Funeral
Dressing and Placement into Casket
Funeral Coach Van Conversion
Transportation to Cemetery in the Portland Metropolitan Area
Funeral Director Assistance with obituaries, Social Security and Veteran's Administration, as needed

Obituaries are a great way to connect with others to remember, and celebrate a life. 

Let us assist you with this process, and share memories.

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NOTE:   Additional Transportation charges may apply.  Casket, Outer Burial Container, Grave Marker and Cemetery Charges are Not Included