Cynthia Lybarger

Cynthia died from a stroke in hospice care at OHSU, on Friday January 22, 2021.  She will be missed by her sister Cheryl Lybarger, her cousin Dave Lybarger, and a host of friends. 

An online memorial will be held on Friday February 12th at 11 AM.  Contact to request a zoom link.


Cynthia Rae Lybarger was born June 9, 1951 in McMinnville, OR.  Her family later moved to  Santa Clara, CA where Cynthia graduated from Wilcox HS.  She attended California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, graduating with a degree in journalism.  For a number of years Cynthia worked as a secretary at Genentech.


In the 90’s she migrated north to Lake Oswego, Oregon.  She worked as department administrator of the Behavior Sciences Department at the OHSU School of Dentistry.  Finally,

Cynthia worked as a sales assistant for The Oregonian in the Retail Display Advertising department. 


Cynthia was active in the church, most recently at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Portland.  She participated in a prayer group and enjoyed the choir music on Sundays.  She conducted a huge book sale to raise funds for the church.  Cynthia supported all mission and outreach activities to help the less fortunate.  Every year Cynthia held a holiday open house.  She had spiced cider and special holiday cookies and candies.  She offered good fellowship and you were expected to bring non-perishable food for the local food pantry.


During her active years, Cynthia enjoyed travel especially driving or by train.  She had many

mementos in her apartment reflecting the places she had visited.  She rooted for the 49ers, or the Seahawks, if the 49ers were no longer playing.


Cynthia lived with asthma and multiple sclerosis.  She never hid her challenges, but had an

indomitable spirit, determined to come back from each hospitalization, committed to keep

living independently.  When her health required her to retire from The Oregonian,

Cynthia continued to serve others. She loved volunteering as a reader with the SMART program at Vose Elementary School.  Just months before her fatal stroke, Cynthia found great joy in reading to the children of her caregiver.


Once you provided Cynthia with a service, you became family.   Whether you cut her hair, or cleaned her apartment, or prepared her meals, Cynthia wanted to know how YOU were doing,

and how your children were doing.  Cynthia loved art exhibits and gardens and cats.  At her

Hunt Club apartment, she filled her little patio with plants, and birds flocked there.  Her last cat,

Zoe, would watch through the window, eager to play, but kept safely inside.


Cynthia took great pleasure in sending birthday cards and get-well cards to her friends and family.  She would send an e-mail with a wonderful quotation to offer encouragement. 

She was quick to learn the newest tricks with computers and smart phones, so soon we were receiving warm clever e-cards and upbeat you tube links.


As life got harder, Cynthia spoke of her limited activity and discomfort.  She took pleasure in listening to her music collection, and watching her favorite TV programs.  When she moved from Bonaventure Tigard Senior Living to the Harmony Care Home, she stated this would be her last home.  As she cared for ailing Zoe, she stated Zoe would be her last cat.  And yet life was sacred to her and she did her best to make every day count.