Judith Macdonald Cooper

Judith Macdonald Cooper left this planet on March 24, 2021 at 4:50 pm when Grandfather/God took her home to be with him.  Judi, as she was known to family and friends, lived her life authentically and as the best person she could be always. She was a wise woman and many sought her council.

Judi was born January 28, 1946 in Springfield, Massachusetts. She lived in Enfield Connecticut with her mom and her family. She always lived close or with her beloved Nan or Mildred.  Judi was very close to her Aunts Carol and Sandie who were about the same age.  Judi had two sisters, Linda and Cheryl and two brothers, Hank and Joe.  She loved her siblings and her aunts.

As a kid she had to feed her Aunt Carols chickens because Carol was afraid of them and that started her love for chickens and fresh eggs. They also had a huge garden at her Nan’s home and it was full of beautiful flowers and vegetables. Judi loved the flowers but was never a fan of the vegetables.

Judi moved around quite a bit as a kid but always seemed to return to Connecticut. Judi attended Goodwin Tech for hair dressing after high school.

Judi married and started a family with the birth of her oldest son Michael. She added two other sons who were estranged at the time of her passing.  Judi loved and adored her son Michael, his wife Richelle, and her grandson’s Dylan and Jordon. They were so important to her and she valued their relationship.

 Judi moved to Colorado for about 6 years before buying property in Priest River, Idaho where she raised her sons and lived off grid for 20+ years. Every year the family vacationed in Newport, Oregon and loved it.

After the boys were grown Judi moved to Newport permanently. Judi joined the local quilt guild in Newport. She was very active for several years, even heading the annual quilt show several years in a row, which is a big job.  She made many new friends and was so loved. This is the time Judi began her journey into Native American Healing. She was an excellent student who eventually many went to for guidance and healing. Judi was true to her beliefs always and a natural healer. The people in her circle and her teacher meant a great deal to Judi. Grandfather, as Judi called God, was a huge part of her life. The last 10 years Judi worked as an editor.

Judi will be missed by all who knew and loved her. There is a hole in the hearts of those of us who loved her that we will fill with beautiful memories.  

The world became small

On this beautiful morning

A soul began to rise

Gathering her feathers

As she makes her way

Gaining up her speed

The Angel flies over

A gulf of land and sea

How wonderful she feels

To see the vast horizon

Soaring through the wind

Her smile broadens

Her soul no longer troubled

Her body free to fly

Suddenly her wings are stronger

As she sails ever higher

Heaven has been waiting

for the Angel’s arrival

One more glance back

Of a life well traveled

Author unknown