Noel Eugene LaViolette

Noel LaViolette ended his life February 13, 2022. Noel was an active environmentalist and a philosopher. He received his degree in philosophy from P.S.U. He was very active in the political left: he was an atheist and a socialist.

But Noel was so much more. He loved camp Westwind, near Lincoln City. He attended camp there for 11 years; first as a camper, next a teen helper, and finally a cook in the main hall. Noel believed that, “Only when the children of today become aware of the beauty and importance of the Earth’s natural environment, will the future of the environment be assured.” As mentioned, he worked in the kitchen and wrote; “I enjoy helping to feed 200 children, and the feeling of being needed by the community.”

The summer before his senior year he blazed a path through the salal and fir; up to high meadow. The day we ventured there we saw a fawn at arm’s length, delicate legs hidden in the foliage. At high meadow we saw a group of elk at the far side eating peacefully. Wandering through the high grass, we reached the thumb, a bump of land nearest the ocean. We sat and ate apples. He was most happy there.

He was my best friend, who loved science fiction, egg cream, and corn beef sandwiches, hiking anywhere and cooking up new recipes.

May he be remembered for his kindness, brilliance, and for all the lives he touched.